India and China have helped the Earth get greener over the last 20 years! NASA found this and reported in

Love is patient, love is kind, love is understanding and dauntless. And love is the only true necessity in life.

We wonder, after a stage in conjugal life, how to keep love strong in a relationship. There will be stale

Who can be your valentine? Anybody who loves you and cares for you can be your valentine.

Love is life. And you will find love everywhere. Wherever you look. Love is there for everyone. Irrespective of age. The

Mohammed Mehmood; the name has a lot of versions of God written in. A man of God. This man of

A Principal in China with some cool moves recently broke the internet. His students followed his cool moves with moves

The Parliament of India serves as the institution where lawmakers gather and serves the constitution of India and its people. In