7 Art Therapy Techniques To Distress Yourself!

7 Art Therapy Techniques To De-stress Yourself!

Art therapy involves the use of creative techniques to help people express themselves artistically. With the guidance of an art therapist, clients can use these art forms to understand their feelings and behaviour. As a matter of fact, they can resolve any deeper psychological issues, which the person otherwise would not discuss openly. Now, more and more people are opting for art projects for stress relief. Let us explore the different techniques used for art therapy:

7 Types Of Art Projects For Stress Relief:

  1. Painting

    This involves a free form of creating images from a blank canvas. Sometimes, tools are also used to help construct images. Painting in art therapy involves acrylic paints, water-colours, spray painting and more.

    art projects for stress relief

    Bright colours for a bright day | Image: File Image

  2. Drawing

    The drawing technique involves simple mark making. Its supplies include pencils, pens, pastels, charcoal, crayons and usually working on paper or the likes. Moreover, one should remember that art therapy is not undertaken just to produce artwork.

    art projects for stress relief

    Drawing for stress relief | Image: File Image

  3. Sculpture

    This is a tangible art form. It gives the client an opportunity to shape and construct his/her environment.

    art projects for stress relief

    Mold your thoughts by sculpting | Image: File Image

  4. Collage

    Collage is a more passive approach than drawing or painting. It is based on already constructed and designed items like magazine images and word tiles. For this reason, it is helpful for those who have difficulty in making decisions.

    art projects for stress relief

    Assembling pieces to assemble thoughts | Image: File Image

  5. Writing

    Writing is one major aspect for stress relief. It can involve writing in a journal, poetry or even blogs. Moreover, it helps the person solidify their overall thoughts and feelings about any particular issue.

    art projects for stress relief

    A pen and paper for your thoughts | Image: File Image

  6. Photography

    Photography allows you to incorporate past images to help stimulate memories. These same photos help to construct a more positive framework.

    art projects for stress relief

    Capturing moments | Image: File Image

  7. Textiles

    Using textiles in art therapy typically involves using stuffed toys and puppets. Its useful especially for those who experience difficulties with using art supplies that require fine motor skills.

    art projects for stress relief

    Crapes to combat stress | Image: File Image

    In essence, art therapy can help relieve anxiety, boost energy, and increase self-esteem, resiliency and mindfulness. It is a safe environment to experiment and solve problems.

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