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Most Motivational Speech | Best Inspirational Speech by Bill Gates

Our series of motivational and powerful speeches by the most inspirational personalities from around the world. A business tycoon, the[…..]

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Most Motivational Speech | Best Inspirational Speech by Jack Ma

Our series of motivational and powerful speeches by the most inspirational personalities from around the world. Jack Ma is a[…..]

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Don’t Just Settle For Less In Life

Life becomes worth living when you go the extra mile. Don’t just settle for less, don’t just settle for the[…..]

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Positive Affirmations for A Happier You

In a world where you can choose anything, choose happiness! Repeat these affirmations and give your day a touch of[…..]

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Most Powerful Quotes | Best Inspiring Video For A Happier You

Our series of motivational and powerful quotes by the most inspirational personalities from around the world. Here are 10 quotes[…..]

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Powerful Affirmations For Self-Care

Beautiful words that pick you up, make you realise your worth and the fact that you deserve all the love[…..]

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Powerful Affirmations For A Stronger You

Your words are the seeds you sow in a barren land. Use this power to create a positive and peaceful[…..]

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Healing Affirmations For A Happier You

Words have the power to change our thoughts, our reality, and the world around us. Repeat these powerful healing affirmations[…..]

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Umeed Rakegha India I Official Video I An initiative by ThinkRight

In times like now, hope is such a rare gem to find, yet is the only thing that keeps us[…..]

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United against COVID-19 | LET’S HEAL TOGETHER

Today, we see that the Earth is healing around us. Because it is untouched and allowed to be. Life has[…..]


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