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3-year-old becomes the youngest person to climb this 10,000-foot mountain

3-year-old becomes the youngest person to climb this 10,000-foot mountain

  • Jackson Houldin and his sister Freya become one of the youngest to climb the Piz Badile mountain of 10,000ft

Jackson Houldin and his sister Freya become one of the youngest to climb the Piz Badile mountain of 10,000ft 

While you were making a quarantine cake, Houldin children became the world record holder after climbing the Piz Badile mountain, which is a 10,000 ft mountain which sits on the borders of Switzerland and Italy. After reaching the top, the younger one; Jackson became the youngest person to ever reach the top after he was assisted by his mum, whereas Freya became the youngest to reach the top unaided. 

Freya who is 7 years old and her 3-year-old brother, Jackson were led by their father Leo and mother Jess on the small expedition. The whole family took three nights to reach the summit and spent two nights in an improvised shelter and another in an alpine hut.  

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This proud Dad celebrated his 40th birthday in the summit Bivi hut of the Piz Badile, (3308m) following a family ascent of the 1000m North ridge, the finest route of its grade I've yet to climb. My beautiful Freya, who just turned 7 a week ago, carried herself up and down the whole mountain up on her skinny little legs without any assistance! What a star. Little Jackson, 3 had a bit of help from his Uber-Mum Jess who climbed with him harnessed up inside his carrier for most of the route although he broke free for a few pitches. We paced it out over 4 days, a gruelling 6 hour hike up the new trail to the immaculate and welcoming Sasc Fura Hut, a shorter day with a bit of scrambling to an awesome bivi spot on the shoulder beneath the start of the climb, the massive and continously brilliant rock climb to the wildly exposed summit bivi hut and finally half a dozen abseils and long descent into the beautiful Val Masino valley where Jess and I spent our honeymoon 14 years ago. Employing tactics usually resevered for more extreme ascents I first led with a heavy bag then rapped down and we all climbed the fixed rope on micro-traxions enabling us to climb together and allowing me to show Freya the hidden fairy staircase. Huge kisses to @jesscorrie for being the most amazing wife and mother, to Freya and Jackson for being such brave, strong children and to the weather gods for granting us the stable forecast we needed for our family outing. #familyfun #Bregaglia #kidsarestrongerthanyouthink #socialdistancing #pizbadile

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According to Leo, his wife carried Jackson on her back for most of the journey while he carried all the camping equipment and the family’s food. “We’ve done quite a bit of stuff in the UK and Europe in previous years, but every summer the kids are bigger and more capable than the past year,” he added. 

At the end of the trip the children did get a special surprise of sweets! 

“It was really good, I enjoyed the bit I climbed on my own,” little Jackson explained of his journey. “I found it really fun and really scary. I’m very proud,” his sister added. 

This is not going to be the last summit that the family has their eyes on, they’re soon headed to multi-day trek to Montenegro.  

What have you been doing this lockdown?  

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