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Why Should One Invest In An Electric Vehicle?

Why Should One Invest In An Electric Vehicle?

  • The electric car is the next big thing! Read on to know more about it!

The electric car has been around for a long time and the first one was built in 1890. Now it’s 2020 and global warming is at its worst. Guess what? There couldn’t be a better time to buy an electric vehicle and here’s why.

Lower ongoing costs

Though the initial costs involved may be slightly higher than regular vehicles, the returns are definitely higher. You have less maintenance to look forward and no fuel to fill when you can just charge your vehicle at your place.

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Low maintenance needs

Since electric vehicles have less mechanical parts compared to mechanical vehicles there are less parts that could go faulty hence reducing the probability of anything going wrong. Electric vehicles have less faulty parts and can be easily repaired compared to fuel vehicles.

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A lot of people may argue that an electric car is inconvenient in terms of charging them. What does one do if you replenish your charge in the middle of your journey? All electric vehicles have a range meter which tells you how many miles or kilometres are left in the vehicle. Apart from that, you have the luxury to charge your vehicle at home whenever you want to.

High-quality performance

Electric cars are known for operating smoothly and quietly. Electric motors also tend to act much quicker than mechanical engines and therefore affect acceleration, performance and handling of a vehicle in a much-enhanced manner. Apart from reducing the carbon emissions, electric vehicles are also sound conscious and make very less noise compared to the traditional revving of vehicles.

Reduce carbon footprint

According to the EPA, traditional gas-fueled vehicles emit an average of 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year (assuming that the vehicle gets 22 miles to the gallon and is driven for around 11,500 miles per year). Electric cars emit exactly zero carbon dioxide, making them much more environmentally friendly.

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If not for your cost benefits, think about the environment. Electric vehicles are just another step in the direction of sustainable living and being more environmentally conscious.

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