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Adopt A Stray To Gift The King, Says Bhutan’s PM

Adopt A Stray To Gift The King, Says Bhutan’s PM

  • The Prime Minister of Bhutan’s unique suggestion may help reduce the growing population of strays in the country.

Bhutan has a huge population of stray dogs and the country’s Prime Minister, Lotay Tshering has come up with a unique idea to deal with it. He requested the citizens of the country to adopt a stray as a gift for the King of Bhutan on his birthday. The PM suggested that people should either plant a tree or adopt a stray, which would be a gift. The King turned 40 on 21st February, this year. Another suggestion by the PM was that people could also choose to manage waste in their neighbourhood.

Bhutan faces a serious problem of strays and has also implemented certain measures to curb it. To reduce their birth, the country’s government has taken several measures. One of them is a project, Bhutan’s National Dog Population Management Strategy. This was launched in July last year. Besides, the government has also introduced several community-based initiatives to deal with this issue.

The government also has two Apps, dog population management and mass dog vaccination. These help the officials to monitor the team working in tackling the issue and also to acquire any related information.

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A great suggestion by the Prime Minister of the country indeed.

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