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Social Media’s Blessing On This Elderly Couple

Social Media’s Blessing On This Elderly Couple

  • A video goes viral to help this elderly couple's food stall in New Delhi

The lockdown has been very challenging for a lot of us, so has it been for Kanta Prasad. The owner of ‘Baba ka Dhaba,’ the small eatery which was forlorn and empty just a few days ago.

On Thursday, 8th October, everything changed for the 80-year old man and his family. Social media did its magic and soon enough customers made a beeline to eat his food as did camera crews, bloggers, journalists.

‘Baba ka Dhaba’ is situated in Malviya Nagar in South Delhi in a little small blue box. It was the centre of everyone’s attention across the country, including celebrities who posted on their social media to go there and get themselves a meal. After the heartbreaking video where you can see Kanta Prasad speak about his lockdown agonies with a teary eye soon had the #BabaKaDhaba trending on Twitter and the small eatery had more customers it had ever seen in the past 30 years.

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“Like every day, my parents started cooking at 6 AM. When they reached the shop at 8:30 AM, they found people already lined up outside. For the first few hours, we sold the only paratha and then prepared more items.”, said Azad Hind, Prasad’s 37-year-old son.

By 12 noon, most of the food on the menu comprising of chapati, rice, mixed vegetables, and paneer all ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 50 were sold out – much to their surprise.

Before COVID-19 took a toll on the business countrywide, Prasad would make enough to save Rs4000-Rs 5000 per month. The elder couple could barely make ends meet. But thanks to social media, things have turned around for them!

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