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10 Instagram Handles To Follow For A Happy Day

10 Instagram Handles To Follow For A Happy Day

10 Instagram Handles To Follow For A Happy Day

Who knew scrolling on your phone throughout the day can actually be a little productive? Here are a few Instagram handles to make your day better.


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To do (take 2)

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Olivia de Recat is a cartoonist and a writer who contributes to the New Yorker very often. Her cartoons depicting human emotions and how close they hit home have enchanted her audience. Her works like “Barriers to intimacy”, “Friday Girl reading” and “Closeness lines” have received quite a bit of appreciation.


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TAG A FRIEND FOR GOOD VIBES 🙏🏼✨ (w @trevorwallace)

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Danny Casale, who likes to call himself a ‘bad animator’ has around 1.6 million followers on Instagram. His animations may seem quirky or badly drawn, but they have received overwhelming responses from netizens across the world. Often using his own voice for multiple characters Danny has some great animations which are bound to touch your heart. From silly aliens doing weird “butt stuff” to releasing songs on Spotify called “Please don’t be so sad”, Danny is all about winning hearts, every day.


Their bio reads, “Advocating wellness, self-care, and self-development through literature and discussion. I couldn’t agree more. The page has anecdotes and quotes to keep your spirit up throughout the day.                  


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Pure content related to dogs. One thing I have learned is that there’s no sadness that a dog cannot take away with him or her. Who doesn’t like dogs? The content is only about dogs, dogs, and dogs. 


It’s okay if you found history boring in school. Easily one of the most loved pages on Instagram. @historycoolkids will bring you facts, images, and videos that have never been seen or heard before. It’s never too late to learn, is it?


The head trainer at Myrtle Beach Safari, also dubbed as “The Real-life Tarzan” has a mad feed where you can see him chilling with the animals in the zoo. There are videos where you can see him playing with the Liger named Hercules or giving the bath to his pet along with the help of chimpanzees. An absolute treat to the heart, mind, and soul.


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________________________ Portobello Swim Centre | Edinburgh, Scotland | c. 1898 • Built in 1898, the multi-facility Victorian venue of the Portobello Swim Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland is situated alongside the beach on Portobello Promenade and with its swimming pools, also offers the city’s only authentic and publicly available Turkish baths • The Swim Centre was designed by Edinburgh’s City Architect Robert Morham who was responsible for the “public face” of the city during that time. Most of his projects were utilitarian in function and constructed in red sandstone so that they could be identified as city-owned public buildings • During Morham’s time as City Architect, Turkish baths had become an extremely popular and widespread phenomenon across Western Europe. They were first introduced to the UK by the diplomat and Member of Parliament David Urquhart in 1857, who had hoped to popularize Turkish culture in his home country. Within decades of Urquhart’s first public bath opening in Ireland, Morham brought the Portobello Turkish baths to Edinburgh • Created specifically as a tourist destination, the Swim Centre was initially set to simply contain a salt water-only pool, but was expanded to include men’s and women’s pools, second class single baths, the Turkish baths suite, a reading room, and smoking area. When it opened in 1901, it was considered the most complete and up-to-date public baths in the UK • Now a relaxing reminder of the elegance and luxury of Victorian-era Scotland, Portobello’s Turkish baths are one of three remaining in the country. A registered building Historic Environment Scotland, the Swim Centre is a cherished seaside attraction • Know more? Please comment below! • 📸: @sooukdotcom ✍: @kelly.murray 📰: @wikipedia • #AccidentallyWesAnderson​ ​#AccidentalWesAnderson​ ​#WesAnderson​ ​#VscoArchitecture​ #Archigram #Symmetrical #TravelCommunity #Pools #KeepSwimming #VisitEdinburgh #ThisisEdinburgh #SwimmingPools #LoveScotland #Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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Obviously inspired by the acclaimed and famed director, Wes Anderson- this page is all about visual aesthetics or what can be a scene from a Wes Anderson production. All the images are submitted and are a community of people who are fans of Wes Anderson and appreciate his outlook towards cinematography and styling.


A gem of a find for all the literature lovers. Poems, quotes, and anecdotes by artists all over the world can be found here. Some get you thinking, some get you talking, some get you sharing. Don’t brew on your thoughts alone; check out this handle maybe you’ll find people who think alike.


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#CarrieFisher would have been 63 years old today 😢

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I know its frowned upon to watch Netflix at work, but this can be the easiest fix to it. With small snippets from movies, character descriptions, and memes related to movies this handle will keep you asking for more. Shh, don’t tell your co-workers about this page.


Sailesh Gopalan is the man behind these Indian webcomics. A hilarious take on how desi kids have it in life, be it from the maid didi switching the fan off while cleaning the room or having no privacy at home. Sailesh has managed to capture it all in the most relatable way.

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