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6 Places To Visit For The Best Vegan Food In Mumbai

6 Places To Visit For The Best Vegan Food In Mumbai

6 Places To Visit For The Best Vegan Food In Mumbai

Veganism is doing the rounds of the town these days, and for all good reasons. The crux behind veganism is to adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle – be it towards animals or the planet. Vegans follow a plant-based diet avoiding all animal foods, dairy, eggs, and honey. Along with this, they avoid animal-derived materials or products tested from animals.

With so many exceptions, being a vegan seems like a task, but it actually isn’t. It is one of the healthiest ways of living and there is a slow but sure shift towards veganism around the world.

If you too are vegan or considering going vegan, here is a little list of places around Mumbai which serve a range of vegan delicacies.

Salad Days

A scrumptious salad at Salad Days | Image: Instagram

Choose from their wide range of salads, soups, and smoothies. They also have ‘Make Your Own Salad’ with an option of 5 vegan dressings. This café-restaurant also serves whole wheat bagels, and their tofu platter is a huge hit.

Must-Try: couscous tabbouleh and citron zing salad, chia fruit health smoothie.

Where: Andheri and Lower Parel.

Chaap Ki Chaap

Tri-colour chaap at Chaap Ki Chaap | Image: Instagram

Your favourite North Indian street food is now vegan. Chaap Ki Chaap serves a plethora of chaap options, that burst with flavour. Go with their recommendations, and take your pick from burgers, chaap, and chaap rolls.

Must-Try: soya chaap, paneer tikka, chaap gravy.

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Where: Ghatkopar and Andheri.

Earth Café @ Waterfield

Gluten-free and veggie-loaded spaghetti at Earth Cafe @ Waterfield | Image: Instagram

If you thought you would have to miss out on pizza because you are vegan, think again. This place is 100 percent vegan which serves lip-smacking pizzas, burgers, and a lot more. They also have keto and gluten-free options. Their extensive menu makes sure you do not miss out on taste and leaves you spoiled for choice.

Must-Try: veggie shawarma, smoked tofu burgers.

Where: Bandra

Sante Spa Cuisine

The best-selling farm fresh pizza at Sante Spa Cuisine | Image: Instagram

Nestled in the commercial hub of Mumbai, this place serves only vegan options. Making it a perfect place to dine out or order in during your lunch break. You can choose from their varied range of handcrafted bread, smoothie bowls, soups, salads, and pizzas.

Must-Try: farm pizza, spinach hummus, smoothie bowl.

Where: Bandra Kurla Complex

Vegan Burger Kitchen

The oh-so-delicious vegan burger at Vegan Burger Kitchen | Image: Instagram

As the name goes, this place serves vegan burgers, tasting so good that you would not want to go back to your regular burgers. On their menu, you’ll also find vegan desserts and vegan mayonnaise jars.

Must-Try: veg burger, eggplant burger, sweet potato fries.

Where: Bandra

Belo Pops

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These sweet treats at Belo Pops | Image: Instagram

Now, desserts are a dilemma if you are a vegan, but not at Belo Pops. This is the perfect place for some guilt-free indulgence. They only use natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives are added. Satisfy your sweet tooth with their popsicles, sorbet, kulfi, and cakes.

Must-Try: hazzle dazzle, cookie dough in pistachio milk, mixed forest berry sorbet.

Where: Andheri and Bandra.

Vegan can be tasty too, and these places are the perfect examples to prove this!

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