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7 Tips To Enjoy An Asthma Free Diwali

7 Tips To Enjoy An Asthma Free Diwali

7 Tips To Enjoy An Asthma Free Diwali

Dealing with asthma is not easy as it is, and Diwali just adds to the chances of worsening it. But, if the necessary precautions are taken on time, these chances can be reversed. So how can you ensure that you or your loved ones suffering from asthma can enjoy this festival of lights? 

Avoid heavily polluted areas.

Take your medication on time. Keep your inhaler handy at all times. 

Continuously sip lukewarm water to clear pollutants from your body.

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Sip a glass of fresh turmeric milk anytime during the day.

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Do some Yoga.

Monitor your lung functioning regularly. A couple of days prior to an asthma attack, the lung functioning usually decreases.

If you go for a walk regularly, ensure that you go after sunrise or during the late afternoon. Very early mornings or late evenings see smog at a higher level, which will add to your breathing problems.

So, to stay hale and hearty this festive season, keep the aforementioned tips in mind, and have a safe and healthy Diwali!

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