Are You Swinging On Mood Swings?

Mood Swings Are Normal, But Are Yours?

Do you experience sudden and erratic mood changes throughout the day? Then welcome to the club of mood-swingers! Adults and teenagers alike are not void of mood swings. But, there is a point beyond which these mood swings become a matter of concern. You might need to do a little introspection here. Since there is a thin line between bipolar or teenage mood swings. That might sound a little scary, but once you know the problem, you know the solution! Take a look –

Bipolar Or Teenage Mood Swings?

You can gauge if you are suffering from a bipolar disorder if you reflect any of the given symptoms –

  • have a very short temper
  • talk quickly and excitedly about a lot of things
  • are unable to focus
  • cannot stick to one task
  • cannot sleep but don’t feel tired
  • overeat or not eat at all
  • indecisiveness
  • think about death or suicide
bipolar or teenage mood swings
Moods can be tricky! | Image: File Image

If the above symptoms do not apply to you, then you have a major case of ‘mood swings!’ Take a look at their symptoms –

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Mental Health Conditions:

Many mental health disorders can cause mood swings. Often referred to as mood disorders they include Bipolar disorder, Cyclothymic disorder, Dysthymia, personality disorders, etc. Schizophrenia may also cause mood swings. Managing these with medications, lifestyle changes or psychotherapy can help you curb them.

Hormonal Conditions:

Hormone changes are a very big reason for mood swings. Hormones affect the chemistry of the brain. Especially teenagers or menopausal women may experience mood swings due to the change in their bodies and hormones.

Substance Use:

The use and abuse of substances can cause severe mood swings. These addictions can harm your life in various ways. One should definitely seek help to overcome it.

Health Conditions:

Health issues like thyroid, cardiovascular diseases, etc. may also affect your mood and cause mood swings.

Other Factors:

These include stress, diet, sleeping pattern, medications and any recent change in your life.

How Can You ThinkRight And Tackle This Problem?

  • Maintaining a schedule – Exercising Regularly
  • Sleeping Sufficiently – Avoiding Stress
  • Last by not least, by expressing yourself!

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