Boredom Can Be Positive, Here’s How You Can Make It

  • You need to do it right.

Boredom has always been associated with a negative connotation, something that’s considered a sin for the productive. But what if we told you that boredom can have a positive effect on you if done right? Our lives, at work, at play or even at home are filled with activities to alleviate boredom. Yet boredom is crucial to being productive.

Here are a few reasons why boredom can be a positive process for you.

1. Boredom can spark creativity

Boredom at its core is a dissatisfaction with the task at hand. If we can’t find this satisfaction, our mind has the ability to create it. Studies have proven that brilliance strikes only post boredom. It can enable creativity and problem-solving by allowing the mind to wander and daydream.

2. Boredom is good for your mental health

Taking a minute to do absolutely nothing, compared to the multiple tasks you have at hand can serve as a respite from a bustling lifestyle. Even a moment of daydreaming can serve as a brief escape from day to day life. By simply turning off screens, notifications and more, you’re giving yourself a moment of calm to check in with yourself. This can serve as valuable time to recharge.

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3. Boredom helps with restful sleep

Usually, a person can’t sleep if their mind is restless and active. We’re always overthinking of the tasks to be done tomorrow, later this week or even months in advance. Boredom, however, can slow down the mind and help you achieve an idle state of mind that promotes a healthy sleep cycle effortlessly. Without having anything to think about, would you still have trouble falling asleep?

4. Boredom improves the way you process things

May it be a mental or a physical process, every alteration that takes place is done after a person has gotten bored with the previous process. Imagine a person mindlessly working on a job that makes him bored every single day. By altering the process of how he does his job, he can introduce certain creativity and innovativeness.

A few steps on how to be bored the right way.

Your definition of boredom can be different from others but the right way to stimulate it is to indulge in mundane activities such as walking around the block, swimming laps or even sitting with your eyes closed. Allowing your mind the time to wander without any guidance can seem boring at first but can also stimulate your mind into finding different avenues to get out of this state. This can lead to a healthy, productive mindset that nurtures our ability to create.

The next time you find yourself in a state of boredom, have a moment to yourself. Be happy that your mind is healthy enough to achieve a slower pace that enables not just creativity but allows you the restful moments you deserve.

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