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Eat More To Lose Weight! Yes, You Read That Right

Eat More To Lose Weight! Yes, You Read That Right

Losing weight is a struggle if you love food! Nearly everyone I know today is very conscious about their weight. Trying to eat mindfully and sweating out through yoga or gymming. While all this contributes to being fit, there is a little trick to losing weight – calorie density. As the name suggests, calorie-dense vegetables can stuff you up quickly, while those on low-calorie allows you to eat to your heart’s content, without really moving the weighing scale needle! How? Read on to know –

Natural Foods With Low-Calorie Density:

Eat the greens!

Most greens are low calorie-dense vegetables. Because they are mostly made of water, fiber and a minimum number of carbs.


Due to their high fiber and water content, fruits have low-calorie density.

calorie dense vegetables
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Milk and Yogurt

A good source of protein, reduced-fat milk, and yogurt without sugar is very healthy and low in calories.

Starchy carbs

Potatoes, legumes, and other root vegetables are moderate in their calorie levels. This level further goes down once they are cooked, as they fill with water.

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Sugar-free drinks

This is a no-brainer. Beverages such as coffee, tea, green tea, etc. are really on calories and can help you feel full.

What Food Items Should You Avoid?


Of course, you saw this coming. Fast-foods are packed with twice the amount of calories than a regular healthy meal. Avoid eating it as much as possible.

High-fat dairy

Butter, cream, cheese, full-fat milk – the harbingers of high-density foods. Consume them in moderation.


Although they are loaded with health benefits, nuts are very high in calories plus easy to binge on. Measure your proportion while eating them.

Candy, chips, cakes!

These three Cs will spike up your calorie meter instantly. Try not to overeat.


You might have a salad to stay healthy, but if you top it up with condiments such as mayo, pesto, ranch dressing, etc. you are actually adding on more calories.

ThinkRight Recommends:

  • It is important to understand, that of all the diets one may think of, the best are the ones which don’t let you starve.
  • An eating plan based on foods with low-calorie-density is probably the most effective one.
  • It is also easy to incorporate it into our lives and easier to follow.

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