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Music Helps Improve Grades! Yes, That’s True!

Music Helps Improve Grades! Yes, That’s True!

Music Helps Improve Grades! Yes, That's True!

Music has been part of our curriculum for years. The general thought is that the music-student does not perform well in academics like Maths, Science, etc. When in fact the truth is very much different. Research shows that the effects of music on students learning are significantly positive. Other than its other obvious benefits, music improves the students’ scores significantly in Maths, Science, and English. Children who pursued a musical instrument in elementary and continued to pursue it through high school scored higher than their non-music peers.

Research also shows that those who took instrumental music rather than vocal fared better in their exams. It enhances the learner’s cognitive capacities, executive functions, motivation to learn and self-efficacy.

effects of music on students learning
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Effects Of Music On Students Learning:

Positive mind-set:

Music affects our attitudes, moods, and memories immensely. Athletes use music to get into a competitive mindset. It also helps keep a positive attitude to improve themselves and to encourage their team to win.

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Reduces stress:

We all can agree on one point, that school is a stressful place. Listening to music leads to a lower heart rate and normalized body temperatures. Music greatly helps reduce stress in such an environment.

Improves efficiency:

Music is seen to improve a person’s efficiency. Completing tasks is better when one hears music in the background.

Improves memory:

Music triggers parts of the brain which are responsible for understanding and holding information. This is known as the “Mozart effect”.

It can thereby be established that the effects of music on students learning are immense. We should encourage our children to take up some kind of musical instrument. Schools should also make music an integral part of their course.

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