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How To: Bring Your Best At Work?

How To: Bring Your Best At Work?

How To: Bring Your Best At Work?

Most of the time we spend our days doing mundane work. Coming to work, completing our targets, and leaving for home. It seems like we work on autopilot mode. But, if you want to break this cycle, bring your best foot forward, and know the answer to how to show passion at work, it is time to shake things up a bit!

How To Show Passion At Work By Being Mindful?

  • Passion at work can be achieved simply by being mindful of one’s doing.
  • Mindfulness is a way to harmonise the mind and body – being aware of the present. It may be anything.
  • It increases concentration and makes you more observant and perceptive.
  • This will not only reduce your stress at work but will also improve your career path.
  • Since we are more aware of our actions, we are in better control of them. This improves our quality of life.
how to show passion at work
Being aware and mindful | Image: File Image
Being aware of your breathing

This may sound basic, but it has a deep impact. Inhale and exhale slowly. Do this consciously. It will make you more aware and in-sync with your surroundings.

Focus on your breathing

The second step is to focus on your breathing. Observe your muscles as they move up and down as you breathe. Practiced focussed breathing improves your concentration.

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Posture control

The third step is to be aware of your posture. Relax your shoulders and take control of your posture. Sit upright, a lousy posture will make you all the lousier.

Relaxing your muscle tension

When you are aware of your body, you will feel the tension in most of your voluntary muscles. This is mostly due to stress at work. Doing this helps you relax even in stressed situations. This helps you to think clearly, allowing you to take better critical decisions under pressure.

Walking meditation

The fifth step is called walking meditation. It involves being aware of walking on earth. Simply taking a walk will help you becomes aware of your surroundings, and be in the present. If there is a garden nearby, take off your footwear, and just walk barefoot on the grass.

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