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Glued To Your Gadgets? Break The Habit Today!

Glued To Your Gadgets? Break The Habit Today!

Glued To Your Gadgets? Break The Habit Today!

Do you catch yourself or your kids glued to the phone or other gadgets? It is a guilty pleasure, which most of us are guilty of! One spare minute and we pick up our phones and start scrolling. It is crucial that we dissect the impact of electronic gadgets on youth, and take substantial steps to control this addiction! How? Let’s take a look –

Impact Of Electronic Gadgets On Youth:

Sedentary lifestyle: 

While working we spend 8 hours in front of the screen. Now even at home, during our leisure time, we devote our time to the phone, TV or computer.

impact of electronic gadgets on youth
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Anxiety and stress:

We are constantly on our phones, getting updates and keeping a check, so as to not miss out on anything. Even while doing something important, if the phone rings, we run to answer it. All this builds up a lot of anxiety and stress.

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Social networking sites take a toll on your health. Frequent users develop Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Think Right Tips:

  • Do some physical activity. Take a walk, rearrange your house. Clean up or run some errands. Do not live a sedentary lifestyle
  • Check your messages only a few times a day. Give yourself an allotted time slot. This will keep you from obsessing over calls and messages
  • Reset your brain. Instead of surfing the internet, read newspapers or books

If you are a parent, communicate with your children and address this issue. Most importantly children should not be given phones even for entertainment. This will give way to video game addiction. This, in turn, might cause the above-discussed problems.

If you are a teenager, realise that there is life outside that white screen. The world is yours to explore, but by yourself, not through social media!

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