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There Is No Substitute For Hard Work In Life!

There Is No Substitute For Hard Work In Life!

Is it just enough to dream? The answer is no. We have had to work for everything under the sun, and success is no different. There is no substitute for hard work. The earlier we realize it, the more successful we shall be! ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये
Churn Your Anger Into Ambition!

Churn Your Anger Into Ambition!

Anger, as we all know, harms mostly ourselves. Here we will help you convert all this negativity into something altruistic and constructive. ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये
Inspirational Stories About Teachers Making A Difference

Modern Day Teachers Storm the World

“गुरुर्ब्रह्मा ग्रुरुर्विष्णुः गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः । गुरुः साक्षात् परं ब्रह्म तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः ॥“ Dr. S. Radhakrishnan said, “A mentor ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये
Medical Miracles In India - TL Sathish Defies Conventional Medical Logic

A farmer challenges medical science

Stories about people surviving due to medical miracles are not new. TL Sathish, a 51-year-old farmer from Chikkamagaluru is one ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये
Successful Teenage Entrepreneurs: Jaequen Faulkner Becomes One

A city supports a budding entrepreneur

A small gesture of kindness always works wonders. Jaequan Faulkner realized it when people in his city helped set up ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये


Good deeds of the young and old stems from an internal desire. 21-year-old, Ed Pratt, taught the world how great ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये