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21 Simple Tips To Be Happy Everyday

21 Simple Tips To Be Happy Everyday

  • Happiness can be derived from the simplest of things, and these 21 tips will boost your mood and your well-being.

We all just want to be happy, don’t we? But still, most of us lead hectic lives with happiness making a special appearance from time to time.

This makes us wonder, why is this happiness so short-lived? It is because we are busy chasing it. Acquiring something will surely make us happy, but that happiness will fizzle out, as eventually, we’ll find something else to chase after.

How long will we play this chasing game?

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Being happy is a choice you make every day. Happiness is indeed attainable, and we all have it within ourselves to be happy right now.

So, here are 21 simple tips to attain happiness in this very moment, rather than chasing it.

  1. Keep a diary and re-read it from time to time.
  2. Forgive people for their wrong doing, even when they didn’t apologise.
  3. Wear your favourite outfit when you feel gloomy.
  4. Try to see good in every bad situation.
  5. If something is causing you stress, see how you can fix it.
  6. Think of a DIY project and make it happen.
  7. Spend time with your loved ones.
  8. Sing – whether alone, or in a choir. Singing is an instant mood-booster.
Sing your heart out! | Image: File Image
  1. Exercise!
  2. Spend time reading a good book.
  3. Eat lunch or have coffee with your family rather than eating alone.
  4. Try meditating before going to bed for a sound sleep.   
  5. Correct your posture. This might sound weird, but the right posture can up your energy levels.
  6. Eat a fruit. It has been scientifically proven to enhance your mood.
  7. Take a nice hot water shower, it will help you relax.  
  8. Make a travel plan. Just the anticipation of an upcoming trip is a ticket to happiness.
  9. De-clutter your home.
  10. Pick up your phone, call someone you feel like chatting with.
  1. Cook at home, and if with family or friends, that’s even better.
  2. Think about something you really love doing.
  3. Stay alive in the moment, don’t worry about tomorrow.

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