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FABLE: The Portrait Of A Happy King

FABLE: The Portrait Of A Happy King

The old saying “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” is true indeed. But it isn’t without its quirks. When tough times come, we have always been told to keep a positive attitude. Having the right spirit always makes the problem seem easier and you have more strength to tackle it. 

Once, there lived a kind and intelligent king. Though he had only one leg and eye, he was happy. All his subjects led a happy and healthy life because of their king.

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One day as the king was walking through the palace hallway, he saw portraits of his ancestors. He thought that one day his children would also walk these hallways and look at his ancestors. He thought of getting his portrait made, but, didn’t want to show his physical disabilities in it. So, he invited many famous painters and asked them to paint a portrait of him, without showing his disabilities. The painter whose portrait he liked the most, would be heavily rewarded.

Most of them politely declined, but one of them decided to try. While everyone was nervous and excited to see how the portrait would turn out. After a long wait, the portrait was finally over.

Upon unveiling the portrait, what the king saw pleased him. The king was shown sitting on a horse. The painter cleverly hid the king’s disabilities. He painted the side with his leg. Also, he painted the king holding a bow and aiming with one eye closed. This hid the king’s disabilities perfectly. The king was very pleased with the painter’s cleverness and talent and showered him with gold coins. So, this tells us that the power of positive thinking and intelligence can turn tables around.

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