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Anger Management Made Simple!

Anger Management Made Simple!

The rush of the traffic, a myriad of tantrums be it of children or colleagues, there are several factors during your entire day which can give you a zillion reasons to seethe with anger. As goes the old saying “to err is human”, likewise it is only human to get angry. Anger is healthy when it is vented out correctly. Uncontrolled anger can take a toll on your health and relationships. It can cause high blood pressure and headache, depression, insomnia and in extreme cases, a heart attack or stroke. It is important to develop healthy ways to control anger. Now, you can easily do so by following these 10 tips!

10 Healthy Ways To Control Anger:

1.Think Before You Speak:

We should always think before we speak. Generally, in the heat of the moment we speak things that we later regret.

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2. Be Calm, Then Express:

Once your mind is calm, express your anger in a non-confrontational way, without hurting yourself or others.

3. Work Out: 

Physical activity can help reduce the stress levels. If you feel your anger aggravating, you should go out for a run or some other enjoyable physical activity.

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4. Take A Timeout:

Give yourself a time-out. A short break away from all the stress. A few moments of quiet may help you get prepared to handle what lies ahead without getting irritated or angry.

5. Identify Possible Solutions:

It is important to identify the reasons behind all the anger you face, and remind yourself that anger does not fix anything, it only makes it worse.

6. Use ‘I’ Statements:

Avoid criticizing others or placing the blame on someone else. Be respectful and specific.

7. Don’t Hold A Grudge:

The best way to deal with anger is to not hold a grudge. Forgiveness is the most pivotal ways to control anger.

8. Use Humour:

Lightening up can diffuse the tension. Avoid sarcasm as it can be hurtful.

9. Relax:

Deep breathing exercises and other such relaxation skills can help you take it easy and calm you down.

10. Know When To Seek Help:

There is nothing wrong in seeking professional help at times. Learning to control your temper is a tough challenge. Seeking help will just ensure that you don’t hurt the people you love.

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