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5 Ways To Make Your Child Feel Loved

5 Ways To Make Your Child Feel Loved

how to be a more loving parent

Children are like clay. They will take whatever form you give them. And that’s why, it is essential to treat a child with utmost love and care and let them bloom in their own way, in their own time. So then, how to be a more loving parent that helps your little one blossom into a wonderful person?

Make your little one feel loved

# 1 Use the power of touch

A parent’s touch can do wonders. From the moment a child is born it is important to hold them, rock in your arms, or even just give them a hug for no reason at all.

# 2 Give the required attention

Children, irrespective of their age seek attention. One of the ways to make your child feel loved is by playing with them and pay attention to everything they say. Making them feel that they matter the most.

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# 3 Show the necessary affection

Even while disciplining the child, be affectionate. Use your words carefully. DO NOT make the child feel ridiculed or diminished. This will only affect the child’s personality. Never physically punish your child. Hitting a child only hurts the child’s innocent heart and self-respect.

how to be a more loving parent
How to be a more loving parent? | Image: File Image
# 4 Celebrate their individuality 

Let your child bloom with an identity of their own. Never compare one child to another. Celebrate and compliment your child’s uniqueness.

# 5 Accept their perspective

A child’s version and vision of the world should be respected and accepted. One should not disregard a child’s views by calling it nonsensical. Always give your child a choice to decide what it wants. Children always follow by example and not words. If you want your child to be kind, treat your child with kindness and respect.

Stepping up on how to be a more loving parent

Take your parenting game a notch higher. Make sure your kids feel safe, loved, and cherished every moment of their lives.  Unconditional love can make children happier and free of any kind of stress, thereby allowing them to grow immensely, spiritually and emotionally.

They also have lesser chances of heart diseases, blood pressure or cholesterol issues. Such children often have better brain development. So, be a more loving parent to your child, for not only their personality development but also to ensure their emotional and mental health.


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  • This has been a complete transmission to my parents who are now won’t be able to apply on my elder brother and me but, on related kids.
    I thank the author as well as to make them understand which they didn’t from the last 30 years.
    Thanks, a million times to the author.

  • Very nice article to be close to ur child.
    It will make a strong bond of love between parent and children thus preventing the child from doing wrong things.It will help the nation by giving healthy and emotionally strong generation for the development of the nation.

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