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How Can Parents Dissolve Their Kids’ Sibling Rivalry?

How Can Parents Dissolve Their Kids’ Sibling Rivalry?

How Can Parents Dissolve Their Kids' Sibling Rivalry?

The sight of your kids fighting is surely the last thing you want to see. In spite of your best efforts to keep things smooth among them, sometimes, things take a bad turn. Follow these steps to help them maintain a healthy relationship with each other.

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How To Help Kids Get Along?

  • Set ground rules for acceptable behaviour. There should be some ground rules, like no name-calling, no yelling, etc. Children have to learn that their behaviour will bear consequences and each is responsible for his/her own action.
  • Be proactive in giving each of your kids your separate attention. For example, take them to a park, and play with both of them. If one child likes to play and the other likes to read, then participate and encourage both. 
  • Ensure that kids have their own time with their own set of friends without their sibling tagging along.
  • The concept of family should be clear in your child’s mind. Have fun together as a family. Spend time with your kids and ease any tension between them. If fights become frequent, then hold family meetings to dissolve these issues and reduce conflicts.
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  • Recognize when kids need time apart from each other. Try arranging separate activities for each child occasionally.

These simple tips will really help your kids bond with each other.

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