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Akbar – Birbal & The Pot Of Wit

Akbar – Birbal & The Pot Of Wit

Akbar - Birbal & The Pot Of Wit

The wisdom stories of Akbar and Birbal are known far and wide. Here is one such story –

One Of The Wittiest Wisdom Stories Of Akbar And Birbal

Once Emperor Akbar became very angry at his favourite minister Birbal. He was so furious that he asked him to leave the kingdom. Birbal, his most obedient and loyal minister, left immediately. He started working on a farmer’s land in an unknown village. He even took up a new identity.

Months passed and Akbar started missing Birbal. Regretful of his decision, he wanted Birbal back. He sent his soldiers to find him but they failed to locate him. So Akbar devised a trick to draw Birbal out and bring him back.

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He sent a message to every village head asking them to fill a pot with wit and send it back. If unable to do so, they were to fill the pot with diamonds and jewels. This message also reached Birbal. Since ‘wit’ is not a thing, the village folk did not know how to fill a pot with it. Birbal took the pot and said he would fill it in a month’s time.

Birbal took the pot with him and headed to his farm, where he had planted some watermelons. He selected a small watermelon and put it in the pot. He started taking care of it and soon the watermelon grew in size. Soon it was impossible to remove it from the pot. He then cut the watermelon from the vine and sent it back to the Emperor with a message “please remove the wit without cutting it from the pot and without breaking the pot.” 

Akbar immediately realized this was Birbal’s work! He went to the village himself and brought Birbal back with him.

Moral Of The Story:

Wit and presence of mind can help solve the strangest of problems.

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